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If you would like to be on my friends list please follow these simple rules.

1. We must have at least a few things in common. If we do please leave a request comment on this entry. When I receive it I'll check out your journal/userinfo and if I feel we have enough in common or I take a liking to you I will add you to my journal. If I do not PLEASE do not take it personal and please do not add me to your journal.

2. Only add me to your journal if I have already added you to mine.

3. Do not add me if you only posts surveys and/or quizes.

4. If you post giant images please to be Lj-cut-ing them.

5. Respect my wishes and my tastes and flame me not and I will do the same unto you.

6. Do not ever give out my contact information to anyone without my permission. If I found out you have I will remove you from my friends list without a second thought.


If at any time I request you remove me from your friends list please respect my wishes and remove me.

That said.. request away.
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